May 15:  Our new 3.0m uplink at the UK General Elections, London

Crosspoint provided the Master Control and Satellite uplink facilities for Eurovision Special Events at the recent UK Elections. Managing Director, Geoff Mann “ We were extremely pleased Eurovision trusted us to provide the main facilities at their showcase venue in London for the Elections”

This large news operation, based at St Thomas’s Hospital overlooking Westminster, required installation of a mobile master control room in addition to providing six simultaneous transmission paths & two downlink circuits. This proved an ideal opportunity to utilize Crosspoint’s latest purchase, a 3m transportable uplink system.

“The new system has two 750w linearised KU-band amplifiers meaning we had more than enough power in hand” added Geoff . “ It sits on a very stable base and wasn’t effected at all by the extremely windy conditions in the days before the Election. Its ideal for larger size Sports & News events”